DC Collectibles Artist Alley Vinyl Statues

If I had to choose a favorite comic publisher it would be Marvel. I have always gravitated towards their stories more so than any other comic company. That being said, they don’t always have the best merchandise. DC, however, consistently puts out product that showcases the versatility of their properties. Case in point, the recently revealed Artist Alley Vinyl Statues.

Beginning in 2018, DC Collectibles will put out the first wave of this new line that uses art from illustrators who can bring a new creative vision to the classic characters.

Chris UmingaDC_Artists_Alley_Uminga_Superman_591f9d79ad42d3.73142772DC_Artists_Alley_Uminga_Batman_591f9db11f79c6.39000612

Hainan SauliqueDC_Artists_Alley_nooligan_Joker_591f9dde8a1041.56287687DC_Artists_Alley_nooligan_Harley_Quinn_591f9e1bc76b46.42197784

Sho MuraseDC_Artists_Alley_murase_Catwoman_591f9e382a5d71.19887978

There are additional designs of Wonder Woman by Uminga, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn by Murase and Batman by Sualique. Each statue will come with a print showcasing the original art by the artist. All pictured are currently up for preorder on BigBadToyStore for 36.99 each except Catwoman. A little early considering they were just announced, but if we want them to see the light of day, it’s best to encourage them with our preorders, so, get to it Connoisseurs!


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