Back again for more awesome comics? Me too! Wednesday is my favorite day of the week solely because of new release Wednesday. Let’s take a look at some of this weeks best releases.


Screenshot_2017-05-24-14-43-18Jean Grey #2 by Dennis Hopeless / Art by Victor Ibanez


When I first saw the solicits for a Jean Grey solo I thought to myself, “what story could they possibly tell about her?” The problem with characters from team books getting solo offerings is that their villains are normally fought by the entire team and any development to character is done in a team setting. They found the angle I didn’t see. Phoenix. The story do far is quite entertaining and the art is gorgeous. I particularly enjoyed the exchange between Jean and Hope about how much they look alike. Definitely check this series out.


Screenshot_2017-05-24-14-31-38Batgirl #11 by Hope Larson / Art by Chris Wildgoose


This issue concludes the Son of Penguin story. His kid tries to kill him and Batgirl has to come to his rescue. His son has “murmuration abilities” via a suit of his own design that allows him to control people via wifi or Bluetooth or something. It wasn’t 100% clear. He went down with one punch after he got lured into a park with bad cell phone reception.  Uhuh.


Screenshot_2017-05-24-14-31-55The Dying and the Dead #4 by Johnathan Hickman / Art by Ryan Bodenheim


I am a big fan of Hickman. His work on Fantastic Four made them one of my favorite books from Marvel while he was writing it. If you haven’t read his run, you should definitely get the collected trade. You can thank me later. Hickman is crafting an interesting story here that you should check out. The issue opens in a hospital with a doctor reviewing a patients chart and talking about end of life care when in mid sentence he and everyone else in the room suddenly begin seizing on the floor. Five people walk into the patientsystem room and levitate her out. Once they are gone, everyone resumes what they were doing as if nothing happened.


Screenshot_2017-05-24-14-32-15White #3 by Dan Schaefer


Following a plane crash, Willa, drifts on a piece of wreckage. She has a satellite phone that she is keeping in contact with what she thinks is a rescue crew. It seems to be a rip off of the Blake Lively film a bit, but there is more going on than just a simple shark attack.


Well, that’s it for this week. Check back again for more next week. Later.


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