Play Arts -KAI- Magneto (Marvel Universe Variant) by Square Enix

Magneto is one the greatest villains/anti-heroes of all time. He has a presence that dominates the scenes he is in. So when you are making an action figure based on him, it needs to reflect that presence. That is what we are getting with this figure from Play Arts -KAI-.marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-05

Usually Magneto is depicted wearing a costume that more resembles cloth than metal. That never made sense to me. The Master of Magnetism should have on a full suit of armor to always have something to manipulate nearby. This version of him gives us exactly that.marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-01

Square Enix has given some thought into Magneto’s abilities and have tried to emphasize them in his costume. His cape looks like a collection of small metal flowing behind him. His costume looks to be made of some very hard metal. The helmet completes the look, giving him a truly fearsome appearance.marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-02

Included with the figure are two sets of additional hands, two energy effect pieces an alternate angry face and display base. marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-08These are all great pieces to have but there is one I wish they could have included. Magneto on the cover of various comics show him with an energy shield around him.

It would have been cool if they could have found a way to include that.marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-09The included hands help to get him into some cool action poses showing his manipulation of magnetic forces.marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-07

Magneto is currently up for preorder for 149.99 and should ship sometime between September and November. If you are a fan of the Play Arts -KAI- X-men figures, you will definitely want to add this one to your collection.marvel-magneto-collectible-figure-square-enix-903001-06

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