Comics You Should Check Out

Today is the best day of the week! It’s new release Wednesday! Well, it’s Thursday now. Here are some of the comics I think are awesome. You should give them a look too.


STL040932Black Science #30 by Rick Remender / Art by Mateo Scalera

If you aren’t up to date on this book, you should pick up the collected trades as well. If you are a fan of Sliders you’ll enjoy it. Things are coming to a head in this issue. The body snatchers are invading the “prime” earth, the psychic lizard-bugs are invading the “prime” earth and Grant, without his intelligence is trying to save Sara and Pia. I think my favorite part of this issue was when the Block collective got eviscerated by the cartoonish creature while saying some of the most off the wall stuff i have read in a comic since the Green Goblin went on his rampage through Thunderbolts mountain. Definitely get this book.


195019_1099624_5Cable #1 by Daniel Ketchum / Art by Chris Robinson


Cable has long been one of my favorite mutants. I think it is because the core of his character is about a soldier on a mission across time. I do wish they hadn’t undone the fix Hope did by removing the techno-organic virus. I thought,”Finally we will be able to see him able full power!” Then they nerfed him again.

Well, in this story, Cable is chasing an unnamed person through time who is giving future tech to people in different periods. Cable bites off a little more than he can chew and loses his arm.


STL043687.jpgGeneration X #2 by Christina Strain / Art by Amilcar Pinna / Cover by Terry Dodson


The original Generation X series was about training up the next crop of X-men. From that original group Chamber,Husk and M were the only three to actually make it to the big leagues. I think Chamber is criminally underused, but that’s a post for another day. The point is the team did not produce many X-men. We find out in this issue that the point of this grouping of kids is that they have almost no chance of becoming X-men. This is a little disappointing because Bling is in this book and I have felt she is one of the more interesting young mutants. I think i’ll be keeping an eye on this book to see if any of them actually make the jump to the next level.This is where Marvel’s decision not to do line wide crossovers anymore will matter. The team will be able to develop their story without having to worry about writing around an event.


STL044348Kill or be Killed #9 by Ed Brubaker / Art by Sean Phillips


In this issue we get a book long monologue from the vigilante about how he walked into a trap and how he got out of it. This is another book that you need to add to your pull list. Brubaker is crafting a Breaking Bad type story where we see what would happen if the protagonist/antagonist broke all the way bad in the first season.


That’s it for this week! Check back again for more comics you should check out!


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