Marvel Spider-man: Homecoming Movie Masterpiece Series Deluxe Spider-man

A little over a month ago we got out first look at a new Ironman figure in his suit from the upcoming Spider-man film. Now we get to look at the headliner himself, Spider-man!marvel-homecoming-spider-man-sixth-scale-deluxe-version-hot-toys-903064-05

Hot Toys is known for their ultra detailed depictions of MCU characters and Spider-man is no different. The costume from the MCU films is not my favorite but it is a nice update to the classic suit.marvel-homecoming-spider-man-sixth-scale-deluxe-version-hot-toys-903064-07

Included in this deluxe release are a lot of cool accessories. He comes with a blazer from his high school in the new movie as well as a hoodie. These are exclusive to this deluxe release along with the Vulture helmet.marvel-homecoming-spider-man-sixth-scale-deluxe-version-hot-toys-903064-19

Along with his display base, you get an assortment of web lines to simulate his webslinging through the city. The various hands allow him to either hold the lines or show him thwipping out the webs. marvel-homecoming-spider-man-sixth-scale-deluxe-version-hot-toys-903064-13

The swappable Tom Holland head will go great with the extra mask. Speaking of mask, This version of the Spidey suit has swappable eye lenses to help give him a bit more emotion as well as in the film help him to control all the sensory input.marvel-homecoming-spider-man-sixth-scale-deluxe-version-hot-toys-903064-11

This figure is currently up for preorder for a release sometime next year. The Ironman figure up for preorder as well.marvel-homecoming-spider-man-sixth-scale-deluxe-version-hot-toys-903064-14

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