Play Arts -KAI- Wonder Woman by Square Enix

Wonder Woman has always been one of my favorite superheroes in the DC pantheon. I first became a fan shortly before a family trip to Disney World. My mom brought me to a bookstore to buy something to read on the way there. 61DFAY3G44LI was instantly drawn to a trade paperback of Wonder Woman drawn by Mike Deodato Jr. It featured a story about how Wonder Woman lost her mantle to Artemis, another Amazon, and how she adjusted to not being Wonder Woman. I don’t have that trade anymore, but i have never stopped being a fan of Wonder Woman since.

dc-comics-wonder-woman-collectible-figure-square-enix-903066-06With the release of the excellent film, we have gotten a lot of cool new Wonder Woman merchandise. One of them is the upcoming Wonder Woman figure by Square Enix via their Play Arts -KAI- line.

dc-comics-wonder-woman-collectible-figure-square-enix-903066-07This is an amazing figure with an almost screen accurate likeness of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The ball hinges are a little unsightly but it’s an action figure. You can’t hide all the joints all the time.

dc-comics-wonder-woman-collectible-figure-square-enix-903066-03She comes with her God-killer sword as well as her shield and magic lasso and they are very well done.

dc-comics-wonder-woman-collectible-figure-square-enix-903066-09In addition, she also comes with a couple of interchangeable hands as well as a display stand to assist in getting her into some dynamic poses.dc-comics-wonder-woman-collectible-figure-square-enix-903066-08

Wonder Woman is currently up for preorder on and should be released some time between October and December. Also, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go! It is THE best DC movie to date and easily one of the top three comic films as well.

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