Marvel Thor:Ragnarok Legends Series Reveal

If you weren’t already aware, the third Thor movie will be in theaters later this year. Strangely, we have never received an entire wave dedicated to Thor. That changes this fall.

For the first time we will get an entire wave centered around the God of Thunder. I think this may be THE must have Legends wave this year. While only a handful of the figure are being revealed right now, the few that are shown will be making waves leading up to the release.

MARVELTHOR LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH Figure Assortment - Odinson (oop)First up is Young Thor. The Jason Aaron run on is the run, that made me a true Thor fan. I think they should have saved the GodBomb arc for the final run on the book but it had repercussions that are still in effect today. This figure will help to complete the lineup of Young, Mighty and Old Thors.

MARVELTHOR LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH Figure Assortment - Thor (oop)The secret Nick Fury whispered to Thor had to do with what Gor told him during the GodBomb arc. This whisper led to him being unworthy and a new Thor taking his place. This new Thor is Jane Foster, the former girlfriend of Thor. She has cancer and though she could probably get better by not using Mjolnir, she continues to because there must always be a Thor. This figure will also be available in the SDCC 2017 exclusive Thor box set with a different hammer.

MARVELTHOR LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH Figure Assortment - Ares (oop)Finally, but certainly not least, is Ares. I have long been on the fence over whether I was to shell out the ridiculous amount the old version goes for on the secondary market. Luckily Hasbro has come through with what will be the hottest Marvel Legends figure of the year. What’s really awesome is that this one is NOT a Build-a-Figure. I’m sure everyone who currently owns the old one will be trying to unload it before the new one comes along.

This wave should come out sometime around the release of the new movie. In the moths leading up we should get more information on who else is in the wave as well as final production shots. Stay tuned for more info.


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