SDCC 2017 The Walking Dead: Shiva Force

In an homage to classic G.I. Joe action figures, Skybound and McFarlane Toys are bringing us one of the more creative convention exclusives, Shiva Force!Shiva-feat2

The packaging on each figure is a callback to the awesome 80’s card art that will hit you right in the nostalgia zone.TWD-Shiva-Force-Shiva-Character-Promos

This exclusive four figure gift-box features Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel and Shiva (action figure debut), featuring new Shiva Force paint deco.TWD-Shiva-Force-Rick-Character-Promos

The Walking Dead Shiva Force four figure gift-box is available in regular color version and a bloody variant. TWD-Shiva-Force-Michonne-Character-PromosThese gift-boxes are limited to 1000 copies each and are priced at $100! You can get them ONLY at Skybound SDCC booth #2729.TWD-Shiva-Force-Ezekiel-Character-Promos

Keep an eye out for Shiva Force’s secret fifth member, Jesus!TWD-Shiva-Force-Jesus-feat He’s only available in the summer MegaBox from Skybound. Head to The MegaBox website to sign up today.TWD-Front-Box-Promo-OpenMake sure you don’t miss out on this one. If the images aren’t enough to convince you, check out the special commercial made for this set.


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