Mad About Trump Review

MAD-ABOUT-TRUMP BACK COVERTo start this post I just want to put out a disclaimer. This site is not about politics in any way, shape or form. You will never get an opinion one way or another on a president unless it has something to do with an official action figure or sequential art of some kind.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. MAD has long been known for poking fun at just about everything. Nearly nothing is off limits for a satirical depiction in their pages.

MAD Magazine Trump Presidenial SealOur current presidents love for the use of Twitter, his mannerisms and his behavior have made him a ripe target for comedians everywhere. Barring an impeachment, he will probably surpass President Bush in terms of how much he is mocked throughout the world.

MAD has compiled quite a collection of material aimed squarely at those unhappy with our current president. If you didn’t vote for President Trump and are upset that he is in the White House, what better way to lower your bile than to laugh at MAD’s merciless mocking of Trump.

Sometimes in a less than ideal situation all you can do is laugh and this book will definitely supply you with quite a few to get you through the next four years.

I enjoyed Jake Tappers foreword. I didn’t think he had this kind of humor in him and I think he may have had a little help. It doesn’t matter though because the whole time I read it in his voice and it made it that much more funny.

The comparison between Trump and past presidents was also another nice feature sure to draw out a chuckle or two.

MAD-ABOUT-TRUMP-FRONT-COVERMAD About Trump: A Brilliant Look at Our Brainless President is currently in bookstores everywhere. Get yourself a copy and next time President Trump is doing a rally in your area, get him to sign it. The look on his face will be priceless.

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