SDCC 2017 Exclusive DC Funko Pop!s

From comic books to the big screen and some surprises in between, Funko’s DC exclusives for San Diego Comic Con really runs the spectrum!

We are getting key additions to the Wonder Woman and Justice League movie lines as well as a Suicide Squad The Joker inspired Batman!13713_JLA_Bruce_Wayne_Summer_GLAM_HiRez_large14867_JLA_AquamanMB_Summer_POP_GLAM_HiRez_large12540_WW_Ares_POP_GLAM_HiRez_c8bc59de-6c3e-4bb5-adf6-af0af00963d9_large14487_SuicideSquad_Joker_Batman_GLAM_HiRez_large13000_DC_WonderWoman_Dorbz_2pack_SummerConventionGLAM_HiRez_large

Speaking of Batman, there is a stunning blue chrome variant, a special Batmobile action figure colorway, and Interplanetary Batman with a space helmet!13482_DC_Blue_Chrome_Batman_GLAM_HiRez_large14695_DC_HelmetBatman_POP_GLAM_HiRez_large14719_BatmanTVBatmobile_RD_GLAM_HiRez_large

We are also getting the Wonder Twins and Man-Bat for fans of DC’s animated shows, while comic buffs will enjoy classic Nightwing and Deathstroke Dorbz!14613_WonderTwinsPOP3Pk_GLAM_HiRez_4c6fef2f-3b1f-448d-8bff-801e6f2f7836_large13641_DC_Manbat_POP_GLAM_HiRez_large14567_DC_Deathstroke_Nightwing_Dorbz_SDCC_GLAM_HiRez_large

Funko has a great selection of SDCC product and this is barely scratching the surface.


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