DC Collectibles Statues Preorders for January 2018

DC has some of the best product to represent their characters and these upcoming releases don’t disappoint. Take a look at their upcoming Batman, Superman and Starfire statues.

jancoll2017-batman_594c5a5009ebb3.01417301BLACK & WHITE BATMAN BY JOHN ROMITA JR.

This Black and White Batman statue is based on his current look in Rebirth as drawn by John Romita, Jr. in All Star Batman.

jancoll2017-superman_594c5a60ceda12.01872514DC DESIGNER SERIES SUPERMAN BY NEAL ADAMS

This statue is based on the cover of Superman #233 as drawn by Neal Adams. This is one of the most iconic images of the Man of Steel.

jancoll2017-starfire_594c5a2c5e64c0.64126104DC BOMBSHELLS STARFIRE

Starfire sizzles in this new DC BOMBSHELLS statue as a firefighter in shades of purple and orange. I am going to have pick up a couple of issues of the DC Bombshells series. Their are some pretty cool looks coming from that series.

The price varies on the statues with Batman at $80.00, Superman at $150.00 and Starfire at $125.00. Head to your local shop to preorder or go to these online shops to pre order:

These are all limited, so don’t wait too long.


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