Thor Ragnarok Movie Figures Revealed!

A few weeks ago we got a look at the comic based figures that will be released in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok Legends Series. I mused that it would be the most sought after set of the year simply because we would be getting a new Ares figure that is NOT a build-a-figure. Well, I still feel that way, but Hasbro has given more reasons to think that with the reveal of the rest of the wave and the build-a-figure Hulk!


I’m not a big fan of movie figures for the most part and I don’t see that changing with this wave. However, the Hela figure from this wave is a must buy for me.helaIn lieu of trying to track down the SDCC version from last year, this version will do nicely as an alternative for a Thor display.helaPack

We will also be getting our very first Loki Legends figure! Seeing as how he is the only antagonist from previous Marvel films to still be around, it is long overdue for him to get a figure.lokiI expect him to be a figure many will be after as well.lokiPack

In this wave of figures, we will be getting three different Thor figures. Four, if you count Jane Foster Thor, which I do. One of the movie versions will be Thor in his gladiator armor.thor2Not my favorite of the revealed figures and it will likely be the most heavily packed of the wave. Expect to see multiples of him on the shelf long after the release.thorPack

The remaining figures are not part of the build-a-figure wave, but are Legends figures nonetheless. Coming in the form of a two pack, will be Thor and Valkyrie.twoPack

I like this version of Thor better than the gladiator version. He even comes with a thunder effect piece which is a nice addition.thor1 I’m not sure how i feel about Valkyrie though. It does not look to be a bad figure, it just doesn’t scream “BUY ME!” Maybe I’ll feel different when i see it on the shelf.valkyrie

Last, but certainly not least, is the Hulk build-a-figure!This will be the main driving force behind everyone buying the complete wave.hulkBAF1

And if you are so inclined you can even display him without the helmet! Unfortunately, the rest of the armor does not not look to be removable so you’ll have to track down the Target 3 pack if you need a “plain” Hulk.hulkNoHelmet

Thor: Ragnarok will be in theaters November 3. Expect the wave to release just a bit before that.


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