I am convinced the sole purpose of Ironman 3 was to create a huge library of armors for Hot Toys to sell. Everytime there is a new release I have to go back to that scene to see where that armor debuted. This time around Hot Toys is releasing two at the same time and they are Convention exclusives.

First, let’s take a look at Bones. It gets its name from the skeletal look of the armor. I remember the scene this armor appeared in well because it was one of the cooler sequences.marvel-iron-man-3-bones-retro-armored-version-mark-xli-sixth-scale-hot-toys-902963-09

The limbs on the armor are detachable and each has a separate display to hold them up.marvel-iron-man-3-bones-retro-armored-version-mark-xli-sixth-scale-hot-toys-902963-18

Next up is Shades. I don’t remember this armor at all. That’s not to say its not a cool look, but if it was in the movie, it didn’t leave an impression. It gets its name from the ability to withstand high temperatures.marvel-iron-man-3-mark-xxiii-shade-sixth-scale-hot-toys-903062-06

The digital camo gives it a nice look that kinda puts me in the mind of the Hammer drones from Ironman 2.marvel-iron-man-3-mark-xxiii-shade-sixth-scale-hot-toys-903062-02

The downside of these two armors is that they are both convention exclusive. This means you can preorder on the site, but you have to pick it up at Comic-con. This sucks if you are not able to go, but there’s always eBay i guess?


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