Funko releases awesome(possibly spoiler-ific) Thor: Ragnarok Mystery Minis, Dorbz, Plush, Keychains and Pop!s preview!

After the spectacular release of Spider-man: Homecoming, there is just one more MCU film to look forward to this year; Thor: Ragnarok! In advance of the movie, Funko is revealing their entire lineup of product to support the movie.

*If you want to avoid possible spoilers, now is the time to check out the sites other post*



Mystery Minis

thorMysteryMiniHot TopichotTopicMysteryThorGamestopgamestopMysteryThorSo, just from looking at the Mystery Minis I see 4 characters that could be considered spoilers: Surtur, Miek, a Celestial and another I don’t recognize. If you don’t know who Miek is, he was an ally of Hulk during his time on Sakaar and part of his Warbound when he returned to Earth after it’s destruction due to the nuclear core he detonated on Hulk’s ship. There are three different versions of this box going to Gamestop, Hot Topic and general retail. The Hot Topic set will have Hela and and a wolf and the Gamestop set will have the mystery guy, Thor with Mjolnir and Loki without helmet and knives.


thorDorbzlokiDorbzhelaDorbzgladiatorHulkDorbzGladiator Hulk, while not a store exclusive, is limited to 5000 pcs. Don’t expect to find too many of him out in the wild. The next few Dorbz are the store exclusives.

Walgreens Exclusive HulkwalgreensHulkDorbz

Hot Topic Exclusive LokihotTopicLokiDorbz

Books-A-Million Exclusive HulkbamHulkDorbz

This Thor is the limted chase figure. I’m not sure of the ratio, but it could be either 1:4 or 1:6. It looks like he is holding the extinguished head of Surtur.thorDorbz2


valkyriePopthorPoplokiPophulkPophelaPopheimdallPopThese Pop!s are all gorgeous but the clear winner here is the Heimdall Pop! I hope he gets some substantial scenes in the film!

Next up are the store exclusives. First we have the Toys ‘r Us exclusive Bruce Banner figure. Not sure how he makes it off planet but he is obviously not happy about it because he is seen fighting as…bruceBannerPop

Walmart Exclusive Gladiator Hulk without helmet!walmartHulkPopAnd here is the Target Exclusive Hela sans cool headress. targetPopThe real star though is the Gamestop Exclusive Surtur! I mean, look at that fiery goodness!gamestopSurtur


If you have little connoisseurs running around Funko has got you covered! Plushies!heroPlushThorthorPlushlokiPlushhulkPlushAren’t they just precious?


Pop! Keychains

And lastly we have a set of four keychains, none of which are Hela, Heimdall or Surtur. I feel like they kind of dropped the ball here as I would be all over those. Not even a Valkyrie keychain. Le sigh.thorChainlokiChainhulkChain2hulkChain

Not that you have seen what Funko has coming for Thor: Ragnarok, which will you be purchasing this August?

Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters November 3rd.





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