Funko Reveals Inhumans Pop!s and Plushie

Coming up very soon to an IMAX near you, is the live action Inhumans premier. The trailer for the show was underwhelming, but it’s a start. As with most major properties from Marvel, the Inhumans are getting the Funko treatment.

lockjawPlushThere will be two versions of Lockjaw: a 5″inch version available wherever Funko products are sold and a 12″ version available only at Toys ‘R Us. I have a feeling Lockjaw will be the breakout star of the show. In the trailer he is easily the most comic accurate, though I wonder how much he will be featured as he is a fully CG character. The plushies will be available in September.

lockjawPopmedusaPopmaximusPopThe Pop!s are fine though I think the first wave would have been better served having a character like Gorgon or Karnak included as well. Perhaps if the line sells well enough we’ll see them or maybe some of the Nuhumans down the line. These will be available this August. Medusa will be exclusive to Hot Topic.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet check it out here:


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