Marvel X-men Legends Warlock Build-A-Figure

The X-men have had a really strong comeback in regards to Marvel Legends figures. Starting with the Juggernaut wave, we have been getting some great figures that fans have been wanting updates for.20170711_125557

The Warlock BAF wave overall is a great wave. We got Sunfire, Shatterstar, Jim Lee Cyclops, Polaris, Disco Dazzler, Old Man Logan and my personal favorite, Colossus.20170709_233334

They all(except Logan) came with a piece of probably one of the most unexpected BAF’s, Warlock. He has quickly become one of my favorite Marvel Legends figures.20170709_233325

The paint is done very well and features gold wash over a dark metal finish. Very Phalanx-y. The articulation is good though his arms and legs are a little floppy. I don’t mind too much as it won’t move much once a find a stable display pose. He has one accessory which is a saw. It would have been nice if he came with another for his other hand.20170709_233159

The Warlock wave is currently on shelves now and I recommend picking it up if you are an X-Men fan. Some figures may be harder to find than others, but there is always eBay.20170711_125711


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