SDCC 2017 : Mezco ONE 12 Preview Night Sneak Peaks!

Merry Previews Night Day everyone! Gather round the warmth of your mobile, tablet or PC and bask in the warm, glowy, feels inducing previews of products to come!

Kicking things off with some gorgeous new figures is Mezco with their ONE:12 line. These are just sneak peeks and not the full reveals. More info will be added here later after Mezco’s presentation.

First up is a figure I’m sure many will geek out over, Terry McGinnis Batman.Mezco-SDCC-2017-DC-Batman-Beyond-One12-Collective-1I loved this show when I was a kid and the costume is one of my favorite Bat-suits.Mezco-SDCC-2017-DC-Batman-Beyond-One12-Collective-2

The next figure eying the pretty green paper in your wallet is Catwoman!Mezco-SDCC-2017-DC-Comics-Catwoman-One12-Collective-1This is a great look for Catwoman. I wonder if they will redo this down the line in her purple catsuit.Mezco-SDCC-2017-DC-Comics-Catwoman-One12-Collective-2

The next items up for preview are straight from the upcoming Thor movie. First up is Gladiator Hulk.Mezco-SDCC-2017-Thor-Ragnarok-Gladiator-Hulk-One12-Collective-1Now this is a Hulk figure! The detailing on the figure looks amazing and the expression on the face sells it perfectly. Definite must buy.Mezco-SDCC-2017-Thor-Ragnarok-Gladiator-Hulk-One12-Collective-2

And finally let’s look at Thor. Mezco-SDCC-2017-Thor-Ragnarok-Gladiator-Thor-One12-Collective-1I think if the movie wasn’t coming out we could have gotten a more iconic look for him or maybe even Jane Foster Thor. I really would like to see Jane Foster get the ONE:12 treatment.Mezco-SDCC-2017-Thor-Ragnarok-Gladiator-Thor-One12-Collective-2

These are some awesome figures to look forward too. Stay tuned for more info and don’t forget to like the Facebook page so you don’t miss anything.


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