SDCC 2017: Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave Coming This Winter!

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It seems to be the strategy now for Hasbro to release a new Legends wave centered around an upcoming movie. If you weren’t aware, Deadpool 2 is will be coming to theatres next June. Previously we weren’t getting waves to coincide with Fox properties, but it seems that has changed. Hey, did you know Ike Perlmutter is no longer CEO of Marvel? Not saying one has something to do with the other, but is an interesting coincidence.

Back to the figures, this is an interesting wave. We are getting 90’s Cable with a cool power effect over his eye and all the Liefield style you can handle. Hasbro is slowly giving us a 90’s X-force team over multiple waves. We already have Shatterstar with his 90’s look so this is awesome to see.Marvel-Legends-2018-Cable-Figure-from-Deadpool-Series-768x768

Next up is a character I am a bit of a fan of, Domino. Her powers are kinda ambiguous, but I like her shtick. Everything falls into place for her. Unfortunately Hasbro decided to reuse the Mockingbird mold, one I am not too fond of.SDCC-2017-Marvel-Legends-Domino-Figure-768x768

The wave’s namesake, Deadpool is also a 90’s throwback to his first appearance.  I’m pretty satisfied with the one that came out not to long ago as I think it’s pretty perfect but we get an Ironman and Captain in every Avengers wave so it’s cool to get some alternate costumes for one of Marvel’s most popular characters.2018-Marvel-Legends-Deadpool-Figure-SDCC-2017-768x768

Speaking of alternate costumes, Gamestop is getting an exclusive Deadpool based on his miniseries about him wearing the Venom symbiote. Not crazy about a Gamestop exclusive because it is a pain to track down figures there. The stores never have the same stuff and if they do, it’s a single figure on clearance.IMG_9593-e1500572439327

Now this is a figure I NEED for my collection. Black Widow? With a motorcycle? The only downside? It’s not on sale right now so I can buy it.SDCC-2017-Marvel-Legends-Black-Widow-Figure-and-Motorcycle-768x768

I expect these figures to be formally announced this weekend at the Hasbro Marvel panel. Hopefully we’ll see some hi-res shots soon after. Stay tuned for more SDCC 2017 updates.

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