Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon Review

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When I first purchased my copy of Metroplex a few years back, I wondered to myself how long it would be until we received his rival, Trypticon. Is he worth the wait and your money? Let’s take a look and see. But first let’s get a little background on the city bot.

Trypticon first appeared in Five Faces of Darkness Part 4. He was created by the Constructicons as a means of countering Metroplex, the Autobot city bot. He was always formidable in regards to strength, but was usually outsmarted by the Autobots and almost always was defeated with Metroplex throwing him into a lake or ocean.

Trypticon is the largest Transformers villain in my collection now. He is slightly taller than my Armada Unicron that, at the time when I bought him, seemed massive. 20170724_083253There is one issue with Trypticons height though. He doesn’t scale well with Metroplex! He should be just as tall, but he only comes to about chest height.20170724_083207.jpg

Unlike the two previous titans class figures we received, this one has ZERO battery operated functions. He is not without a gimmick though.20170723_153942 Trypticon eats Headmasters. Once he has “eaten” them, they can retrieved from his stomach where Full-tilt is stored.20170723_153826

I purchased my Trypticon from Toy Dojo in Austin. If you are going to buy a copy, this would be the place to get it.



They are offering free Reprolabels for Full-tilt and Necro. These are a must. The two official stickers are not enough to offset the overwhelming amount of purple.



I have yet to transform it to base mode. Transforming large figures like this can be a bit of a chore and usually the third mode is meh. 20170723_160010Spaceship mode is serviceable. But I didn’t buy it for the alt modes. The bot mode is the reason I bought it and it is well worth the $149.99 plus tax.20170723_160049

When I was a kid, the kid across the street had Trypticon and I always wanted one. I almost got the reissue, but I’m glad I waited. You shouldn’t wait on this because I doubt it will be on shelves long.20170723_154132

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