Marvel Black Panther Legends Wave: Namor and Black Bolt!

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This past weekend the Hasbro Marvel Legends team revealed figures that will be making their way to retail between now and next spring. One of the waves set to hit shelves in time for the new movie is the Black Panther wave to coincide with the upcoming film.

It was revealed the wave will have characters from the movie as well as a few comic figures. The two that were revealed are Black Bolt and Namor. I wonder if it was intentional to have two monarchs as part of the wave.

The Namor figure is a throwback to his earlier comic appearances with him wearing just the green trunks. Not to long ago we got a Walgreens exclusive Namor wearing his modern costume. This new one will have a new trident.Marvel-Legends-Black-Panther-Series-Namor-Figure

Black Bolt is the one I am most excited to see. I assumed with the upcoming show he would get a figure mass released soon. Collectors who bought the Thanos Imperative set a few years back may be annoyed, but that’s business. When there is money to be made, it will be made. I hope the head sculpt shown is an alternate and not the only. I would like the option of a regular expression as well.Black-Panther-Marvel-Legends-Black-Bolt-Figure

While the rest of the wave has yet to be revealed, we know that it will have movie figures as well as comic figures. Assuming there is one more comic character to be revealed, we can speculate that it will be another monarch. We have Namor. We have Black Bolt. What other monarch could Hasbro possibly give us? Perhaps Doom…



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