Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic & Medusa

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Walgreens is slowly but surely giving us an updated team of Fantastic Four figures. First we got Sue,


soon we will be seeing Johnny on Walgreens shelves


and now Hasbro has revealed their Reed Richards figure.Marvel-Legends-Mr.-Fantastic-Figure-Walgreens-Exclusive

This gets us 3/4 of the way to a full team. The Thing was confirmed to be coming soon after as well but was not shown at the panel. Hopefully they are taking the time to get the sculpt and coloring just right.

Reed is shown with stretching arms. But will also come with regular arms. Fantastic.

Also coming exclusive to Walgreens is a mass release Medusa figure. There was a Medusa released a few years back as part of a SDCC exclusive set. That one had heels and her face was fully shown. This is more of a classic look with the mask for the Inhuman queen.Walgreens-Exclusive-Marvel-Legends-Medusa-Figure

The Walgreens exclusives keep getting better and better with each new release. My hope is that we get Franklin and Valeria as well. If not as a two pack, maybe as an additional figure with Johnny, Reed or Ben.


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