Sideshow Collectibles :Star Wars Celebration 2017

Tomorrow in Orlando is the annual Star Wars Celebration. It’s basically an event where Star Wars fans of all backgrounds come together to celebrate the franchise we love so much.Press_Celebration2017-02 It runs from April 13-16 and is four straight days of high quality cosplay, interactive exhibits and exclusive merchandise.

Press_Celebration2017-03For many brands this is a chance to engage with fellow collectors and showcase the latest merch from a galaxy far, far away. Press_Celebration2017-05Sideshow Collectibles will be be there with cool merchandise for fans to check out and this year they’ll be bringing a wide selection of Star Wars products to Orlando, from the latest 1:6 scale figures to ultra-high-end, life-sized replicas and collectibles – there’s something for everyone!Press_Celebration2017-07

If you’re attending the show, please be sure to visit the Sideshow Booth (#3744) to see their display for this out-of-this-world convention! They will have officially licensed and limited edition event-only giveaways, as well as contests, first glimpses at new prototypes, photo opportunities and much more!Press_Celebration2017-04

If you can’t make the show, here’s a list of just some of the great products they will have on-site and don’t forget to tell them where you heard about them!Press_Celebration2017-06

Sideshow Sixth Scale Figures

· Han Solo™ in Carbonite
· Zuckuss
· Bossk
· IG-88
· 4-LOM
· Dengar
· Darth Maul™: Duel on Naboo
· Luke Skywalker™: Rogue Group Snow Speeder Pilot
· Tie Pilot
· C2-B5™ Imperial Astromech
· Darth Vader
· Snowtrooper Commander

Premium Format™ Figures

· Darth Maul
· Jango Fett
· Chewbacca
· Boba Fett
· BB-8
· Rey
· First Order Stormtrooper
· Kylo Ren
· Jyn Erso
· Death Trooper™ Specialist


· Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader
· Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper
· Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett

Legendary Scale™ Figures

· Stormtrooper
· C-3PO
· R2-D2

Life-Size Figures

· Stormtrooper
· Han Solo in Carbonite
· Boba Fett
· R2-D2
· Yoda
· Darth Vader

Hot Toys

· Death Trooper™ Specialist (Deluxe Version)
· Shoretrooper
· Jyn Erso
· K-2SO
· Chirrut Imwe
· Han Solo
· Chewbacca
· Luke Skywalker
· R2-D2
· Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise)
· Yoda
· Death Star Gunner™


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