Comics You Should check out

This week we’ve got some new indie titles to look at alongside some mainstream books.

snapshot(35)Amerikate #3 by Brockton McKinney & Corey Kalman / Art by Devin Roth


Sam Kickwell has been captured in the country of Neonia and is being tortured by the evil leader Neon! It’s up to Agent Weaver to infiltrate Neonia’s kumite to get close enough to rescue Jim and take down President Neon. This was an…interesting read. Cartoony art and over the top fights, you should check it out.


snapshot(34)Uncanny Avengers #23 by Gerry Duggan / Art by Pepe Larraz / Cover by Ryan Stegman


After kissing Deadpool, Rogue finally gets separated from Wonder Man. Simon claims he has no memory of a lot of what happened between his being absorbed by Rogue and now, but he remembers the kiss. Nightmare fuel I’m sure. Synapse finds Cable’s consciousness in his arm and brings him back. Oh, also Simon finds out he is broke because Deadpool used his money to fund the team after he went broke.


snapshot(36)Amazing Spider-Man#27 by Dan Slott / Art by Stuart Immonen


After being called a coward by Spider-man, Norman Osborn has surgery to have his original face put back on and it does not go well. Nick Fury tries to stop Spider-man from helping Silver Sable invade and liberate Symkaria but is tricked by a decoy plane. We also find out how Sable survived at the end of the Ends of the Earth story.


snapshot(37)Grass Kings by Matt Kindt / Art by Tyler Jenkins


Don’t be deceived by the title of the book. It has nothing to do with what you are thinking about. The place where the story takes place is called the Grass Kingdom. Anyway, the story picks up with a woman on the run from her husband who swam forty miles down a river to get away from him and takes refuge with a guy who has recently lost his daughter and whose wife has left him. Someone working for the woman’s husband tracks her her down and gets killed in a fight with the guy. Soon, everyone is involved in the coverup. This is a book you should keep your eye on.


snapshot(39)X-men Blue#3 by Cullen Bunn / Art by Jorge Molina / Cover by Art Adams


While trying to help a new mutant, the O5 are stopped by a squad of Sentinels who are also trying to help. !? Well, these new Sentinels have a new prime directive of helping mutants flourish again so they can kill them later. Even Sentinels worry about job security.


snapshot(38)Silver Surfer#11 by Dan Slott / Art by Mike Allred


While out helping the bee people protect their honey, Dawn Greenwood is hit by twintuition! Her twin sister Eva has just gone into labor and they are trying to make it there before the birth. Unfortunately they have to deal with Warrior 0 who wants a rematch to regain his place in his culture. Surfer tries to humor him but this doesn’t work so he has to give him a taste of the power cosmic. He did not enjoy it.


snapshot(33)Regression #1 by Cullen Bunn / Art by Danny Luckett


This is an odd book. The protagonist is at a barbecue and begins having hallucinations of bugs crawling out of people’s eyes and mouths. He tells a friend and she suggest he goes to see a hypnotist. At the end of the book the hypnotist is dead with a strange symbol carved on his chest. Definitely check this one out.


Well that’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed. If you did, like and share. Sharing is caring. See you next week.


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