First Look : Titans Return Trypticon!

TITANS Return Trypticon

When Metroplex originally came out, I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing. When are we getting Trypticon? Well, beyond saying it will be their largest release of the year, no firm release date has been given yet. Anyway, let’s take a look at the big guy.

TRYPTICON Dino Mode.pngThis is a pretty awesome update to the Decepticon city bot. While it does have the prongs on the feet, it does not appear to have a walking function like the original.
It can eat titan master figures which can then be retrieved from its stomach.trypticon-eating-2 In his chest is the Full-tilt figure.full-tilt-robot-mode

Full Tilt Vehicle Mode



trypticon-spaceship-modeHis spaceship mode is actually pretty good. With Metroplex and Fortress Maximus, their vehicle modes were pretty underwhelming. This spaceship mode is much better than the one we got with Fortress Maximus.

TRYPTICON City Mode 2.pngFinally, the city mode. What can you say about this? It has ramps and looks to have a little car bot included to drive around it.trypticon-city-mode-1

He will retail for 149.99 and will be available this fall . Hasbro will have it on display at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. If you are making the trip there, feel free to share your images. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to share.


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