SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard 5-pack

Every year there is a little comic convention out in San Diego you may have heard of. At this “little” convention there are exclusive products released that you will never be able to get unless you are willing to pay triple on the aftermarket. The line that I am always excited to see revealed is the Marvel Legends from Hasbro. A couple of days ago Hasbro revealed a new 12 inch Daredevil figure that will be available at the convention. Now they have released images for the marquee set everyone will be clamoring for, the convention exclusive Battle for Asgard 5-pack!

Marvel Legends Series Battle For Asgard 5-Pack - pkg (2)The boxes for the Marvel Legends sets are always gorgeous and this is no exception! The box is illustrated by fantasy artist Tyler Jacobson. If you collect Magic, the Gathering cards you have probably seen his work. battle5BackThe art wraps around the box depicting all the characters in battle. When you splay the box open the image becomes a mural. On the opposite side the figures are displayed in windowed packaging with their names on the left.battle5pack

In the box we are getting some awesome figures! In the set we have borBor, father of Odin, malekithMalekith the Dark Elf king and sorcerer,thorJane Jane Foster Thor, odinsonOdinson ulikand Ulik the Troll. Bor will have a shield and battle-axe, Malekith has a sword, Thor has Mjolnir painted to look like it is active and Odinson has Jarnbjorn. Ulik’s weapons are molded onto his fist.battle5ZOOM

Even if you are not a fan of Thor, you have to admit to yourself you want this set! I want them simply to fill out my Thor display. Currently it consist of two Thor figures, the Odin BAF and the Marvel Select Destroyer figure. The set will be available at the convention at booth #3329 for $99.99. Following the convention, a limited number will be made available on Between this set and the Daredevil figure, Hasbro is giving us some awesome collectibles everyone will be salivating over. If you going to the convention make sure you get a set because you don’t want to have to pay triple to get it on the aftermarket!


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